Game data management solution for designer and developers.

No more spreadsheets or direct json file editing, instead manage all your games data in a simple UI and export it to a format of your choice.

Compose your Entities

Define your entities by simply adding components to them. Each component can consist of any number of fields, you can even define your own custom data types.

Create Items, Enemies, Spells, or anything else.

Data Driven Design

Prevent invalid data by restricting the range of any fields.

Choose from many different data inputs like textfield, color picker, numeric up/down, file paths with image preview and more. You can even create your own complex datatypes and enumerations.

Entity Editing Example Screenshot

Export to any game engine

Export all your game data to an easy-to-use file format, which can be tailored to your needs. You can even create your own custom exporter by using the Lua extension interface.

Export Example Screenshot

Additionally EntityComposer already comes with an built-in exporter for Artemis ODB

Code Generation

Define your components in the UI and let the code generator create your code files for it!